At Nature By EJN, we are passionate about natural body care. Recognizing the increasing prevalence of skin conditions including dry skin, eczema and keratosis pilaris, we embarked upon a search for natural products that are not as harmful to the body as many of the most popular products on the market. We’ve identified a consistent, reliable source of organic Grade A shea butter which can provide nourishment to your skin, hair and feet.

Our net bath sponges, which are 100% nylon, easily cleans the skin by removing dead skin and washing away dirt. These sponges dry quickly due to their porous nature and minimize the growth of bacteria or fungi. The sponges provide good exfoliation, can stretch to reach all areas of the body, and lather easily. Our ribbons are hand-tied and color-coded to give the Nature by EJN touch. 

Our raw shea butter is handmade and packaged with love. There are no parabens or harmful chemicals in our products.
EJN LLC was founded in 2016 to sell natural body and hair care products, including shea butter, natural oils and soaps. Our products are completely natural, earth friendly and prevent irritation. In addition to ensuring that our customers use natural products, we aim to improve the livelihood of manufacturers and farmers by purchasing our key organic raw materials from trusted local farmers only.