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Our products are completely natural, earth friendly and prevent irritation. In addition to ensuring that our customers use natural products, we aim to improve the livelihood of manufacturers and farmers by purchasing our key organic raw materials from trusted local farmers only.

What people have said about us

This African Exfoliating Net is amazing. I love to use it in the shower. I use it every other day and it leaves my skin feeling clean. Definitely a keeper. The net is very very long which I like. I rinses out quick and dries fast after hanging on the rack.


I love their sponge so much. I've had it for almost a year now and it's still like new. It makes it easy for me to scrub my back and the bottoms of my feet. It also holds up well on the hand wash cycle in the washing machine. I feel very soft after using it and it lathers well too.

Amazon Customer

Their net has completely changed the skincare game for me. After 2 days of using this product, my skin became baby soft. It's also easy to wash. I cut mine in half because they do give you so much of it so when one half is in the wash, I have my other half to use. Favorite purchase of 2019. I recommend it for everyone.